Board of Management

Steering Committe

It is the body that directs and coordinates the research policy and the planning of the activities, and it is constituted by the director and the deputy directors, the coordinators of the research teams and two representatives of the non-doctoral researchers:

Anabela Barros, Álvaro Iriarte, Ana Gabriela Macedo, Carlos Mendes Sousa, Cristina Flores, Eunice Ribeiro, José Eduardo Silva, José Teixeira, Margarida Pereira, Mário Matos, Pilar Barbosa, Orlando Grossegesse, Orquídea Cadilhe, Sandra Sousa, Sílvia Araújo.

External Advisory Committee

The External Advisory Committee (CEAC) is the body that monitors the development of CEHUM's research policy, as well as its scientific activity in general.