The airport closest to Braga is the Sá Carneiro airport, in Oporto. It receives all types of flights, including low cost flights. The airport is located 45 kilometres away from Braga.

Alternative Airport: Vigo, Spain.

Shuttle: GetBus offers you a comfortable and economic express service with daily connections between the Oporto Airport and the city of Braga. Make your reservation through the website or at the coach station in Braga:


Whether you are coming from the North or the South, the A3 motorway is the main access to Braga. To get to the University of Minho-Campus de Gualtar, you should take the “Celeirós” exit. After the toll booth, you have to turn towards Celeirós/Braga Sul and again towards Braga Sul. You must stay on the expressway, pass Continente/Minho Center (on the right) and go straight on for about 600 meters. At the next roundabout, you must take the right exit towards Bom Jesus/Universidade going straight on for about 300 meters. On the right you will pass a large building, which is the Iberian International Institute of Nanotechnology. At the roundabout, take the fourth exit, just after the exit for the McDonalds Drive-in. The Gualtar Campus is now ahead of you and to your left as the road turns.


From Oporto:

The train ride from Oporto (Campanhã or S.Bento train stations) to Braga takes about one hour. Oporto-Braga/Braga-Oporto timetables (see “Urbanos Porto”):

From Lisbon:

The train ride from Lisbon to Braga can be made by the “Alfa Pendular” or by “Intercidades” trains. The Alfa Pendular is a high-speed train, however the Intercidades is cheaper.

Lisbon-Braga/Braga-Lisbon timetables (search by the train's name):


Nowadays, Oporto is served by a surface metro that covers several areas and surrounding cities. The ticket costs about 3 Euros (Line E) from the Sá Carneiro airport to the Campanhã train station. Tickets can be bought at every metro station, where you can also find useful information about the routes. For further information about the metro serving Oporto, see:


A taxi from the Oporto airport to the Campanhã train station costs about 25 Euros. Note that at night and on Sunday/holidays, taxis are more expensive. A taxi from the Sá Carneiro airport to Braga costs about 60 Euros.

In Braga, the taxi rates depend on the distance, commonly ranging from €3 to €9.


In Braga, there are buses going to all the areas of the city. The company responsible for the buses is TUB - Transportes Urbanos de Braga.

The buses that go to the University of Minho are usually the 24 (Sequeira-Gualtar/Gualtar-Sequeira) and the 7 (Celeirós-S. Mamede de Este/S. Mamede de Este-Celeirós). Note that sometimes the bus number is not visible, so you may need to use the names of the routes in shown in parentheses. The ticket is bought inside the bus, but the price always depends of the areas the trip may include.

The need for transport will always depend on the accommodation chosen for the stay during the Congress. If you stay at the Meliã Braga Hotel & Spa or at the Lamaçães Hotel, you will not need to take any transport to the University, since both hotels are just a 5 minute walk away from the University.